Chapter 5 The American Revolution

  1. What was the ideal of “homespun virtue,” and how did it appeal to different groups in the colonies?

Homespun virtue means that Americans do not use British goods. Wearing homespun clothes symbolized resistance of North America. Many American women made clothes at home because they tried to use only American goods and thought they were daughters in freedom themselves. The homemade clothes reduced imported goods. Also, Citizens in Washington and Virginians claimed they have to keep freedom which they had gotten from their ancestors, so the citizens tried to reduce debt from England. Moreover, Virginia’s leaders banned the slave trade. Urban artisans supported boycott and competed with goods of England. Merchants in New York and Philadelphia agreed to compete with England to reduce their livelihood and lower-classes’ riots. Many cities in the United States resisted to oppose new things, and they had many committees to reinforce boycott of England’s goods.

6. Why did people in other countries believe that the American Revolution was important to them or their own countries?

The Declaration of Independence changed the meaning of America’s freedom. A goal of independence in America moved from rights of England to America’s rights, so Jefferson argued for natural rights, and the right to resist arbitrary authority. Therefore, he pursued happiness from the declaration for personality development. Many people hoped to get independence. Furthermore, the revolution was an important event as history and expressed repeatedly in political newspapers. Therefore, the Declaration of Independence influenced declarations in other countries.  America’s independence was a model and copied by other countries. Today most countries experienced the process like the Declaration of Independence. For example, China issued after the revolution in 1911, and Vietnam obtained independence in 1945. The independence gave humans rights to many groups and the meaning symbolized to success. In sum, the United States’ revolution got independence and there were people who wanted independence. Also, the independence was important because other countries wanted independence. America’s independence is basic.



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