Chapter 5 Voices of Freedom

  1. What does Paine see as the global significance of the American struggle for independence?

All countries’ goal was freedom because Paine hoped the colonists obtained the rights to freedom from the British. They fought between the countries in Europe because other countries tried to get America’s lands for themselves. Paine said that when America succeeded in getting independence from Europe, America can benefit trade with other countries. However, he realized that it is difficult to succeed independence because most countries did not want freedom for colonies. Europe made colonies, then oppressed the colonies because of European economy. Also, England warned people who wanted to get freedom to leave. They had to run away for freedom.  Paine tried to reconcile and connect with Europe. However, England became involved in European’s war.

2. Why does Boucher believe that obedience to government is particularly important for Christians?

Christians opposed American independence. They said every man’s duty had to obey the government, because commands of God are positive. They thought when Christians disobey to people’s law, they resisted to God. They referred the Bible for their claim. Christians must obey government to obey God. They applied this political philosophy. They did not actually liberate themselves in lawlessness and rebellion.


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