Chapter 6 (including voice freedom)

5. What was the impact of the American Revolution on Native Americans?

Native Americans were difficult simulation after Declare of Independence.  They got damaged from England’s war. Stockbridge tribe got huge loss and painful. Iroquois was pain since war. John Sullivan had army to conquer North America. The army destroyed crops. British burned frontier farms and settlements. Although English fought to obtain their rights, Native Americans lost their freedom from English. The leader in Humane Patriot ignored Indian’s cultures, so Native Americans lost their cultures.

6. What were the most important features of the new state constitutions?

Many leaders thought different religions had impaired from uncontrollable action and violent confliction. Revolutionaries needed to suppress from uncontrollable action and violent confliction. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton felt to need to establish public lessons for religions. They made religioned doctrine for rationalism and skepticism. Jefferson wrote the bible and stories of Jesus. He informed lessons of life while Jesus lived. He made new law that religion has power from voting and hold position in the government. He divided between churches and states. He did not want that the government involve to religions. He assured freedom of religions in the United States.

Voice of Freedom

1. What does Aigail Adams have in mind when she refers to the “unlimited power” husbands exercise over their wives?

Women did not have rights from men. Women gave birth to a child and were roles to amuse for their husbands. Men deprived rights of women. However, Abilgail studied and kept her crop. She spent mail to John Adams who was her husband. She required the Declare of Independence which included gender equalities. She told him that women also need rights. If there were no special rights for women, women would resist. Therefore, Women claimed gender equalities and equal distribution of property.

2. How do the slaves employ the principles of the Revolution for their own aims?

Slaves fought to achieve their independence and freedom. They required to repeal slavery. They thought all humans have equal rights. Also, the rights must not deprive other people, and humans do not have to violate from society. They did not violate law of nature and resist in the society.


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