Chapter 11 The Peculiar Institution (blog 6)

  1. Compare slaves in the Old South with those elsewhere in the world, focusing on health, diet, and opportunities for freedom.

Some southern states enacted laws to prevent the mistreatment of slaves, and their material living conditions improved. Southern had rich food. Southern many slaves obtained cornmeal and pork or bacon. Their owners provided the food. Also, slaveries got chicken and vegetables and hunted animals in the forest. On the other hand, slaveries in counter parts enjoyed better diet like lower rates of in faint mortality and longer life expectancies. Many elements improve better lives. However, there was had area. According to Douglass he noted that “Not to give a slave enough to eat, is regarded as the most aggravated development of meanness. Even among slaveholders.” Most of the south malaria. Yellow fever, and typhoid fever spread the geographical area in most of the south, so all southerners’’ health was more important than in the Caribbean. Slaves tried to have better condition. The south was not tighter the chains of bondage. For example, when owners in Brazil had parties, they rarely gave slaves freedom. Slaveries could buy freedom. In ninety ninth century, slaves was close freedom by Lincoln.

  1. How did enslaved people create community and a culture that allowed them to survive in an oppressive society?

Slaves never threw away their dream of freedom. They tried to resist their better lives to whites. They consisted independent cultures, family communities and church to get free. they did not want to live as bondage. Africans slaveries spent to sing and dance. Also, they took worship and herbs by slave healer to combat disease. Slaves in Amerces increased more than African. Although people did not acknowledge slaver’s marriage, adult slaves tried to marry and combine.

  1. To whom is Douglass addressing his book, and how does the intended audience affect his argument?

Many slaves was interested in Frederic Douglass’s book. All slaves in America obtained much knowledge from the book. Douglass experienced a slavery and lost freedom. He wanted to contain on the book and inform to crowd. He described many slaves’ real lives in his book. Slaveries realized that freedom was important in our lives.

  1. Why does Douglass so strongly link education with freedom?

Douglass learned what the freedom is for slave. Douglass was a American slave in the nineteenth century. He felt same emotion with other slaves. Their class was bottom of the society, and they never learned about freedom at the time in America. Many slaves motivated to fight for their freedom from Douglass’s book. Douglass strongly linked education with freedom because slaves should write letters were not controlled by other people. Also, Education would prevent to be slaves and develop their lives. Also, they would realize combined to fight their freedom from the book.


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