Chapter 13

3. How did the concept of race develop by the mid-nineteenth century, and how did ti enter into the manifest destiny debate?(Origin Posted)

Many Americans wanted to deprive Mexican land because their goal was to expand slavery and land. Americans started the Mexican war to occupy a foreign capital and supplied American army. Although Americans said “We expand land to be great empire of liberty. Originally, they needed more slavery and land. According to Ulysses S. Grant who was served with distinction in Mexico said “The war one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger nation and a weaker nation”  People did not have rights to vote the war because they jailed in a prison if they refuse. However, Abraham Lincoln criticized. Lincoln asked Mexican to damage from American soil. People died from the war, so Lincoln disagreed to invade to Mexican area with Polk. People criticized the war because they would lost many things from the war and unfair for Mexican.

Reference from 476 to 477 in “Give Me Liberty”

2. Why did many Americans criticize the Mexican War? How did they see expansion as a threat to American liberties?(New Posted)

Americans took Mexican land after the Mexico War. Although, many Indians lived in Mexico with the free enjoyment of their liberty. A provision was created to take the Mexicans land’s property for California. Some residents of the area went from being Spaniards to Mexicans to Americans. Although they were not new comers, they had to adapt a new identity. Indian homelands and hunting grounds became American land. According to my textbook, said “The treaty referred to them only as savage tribes whom the United States must prevent from launching incursions into Mexico across the new border. The spirit of manifest destiny gave a new stridency to ideas about racial superiority. Race was an amorphous notion involving color, culture, national origin, class, and religion.”Newspapers and magazines announced  American freedom liberty and qualities of “Anglo-Saxon Protestants”. The while people conquered lands of Mexico in Texas. the White people became triumphs of civilization progress and liberty of the oppression from the Catholic Church and “the innate incapacity of mongrel races”.  The imposition of the American system of race relations proved detrimental to many inhabitants of the newly acquired territories. Mexico had abolished slavery and declared persons of Spanish, Indian, and African for equal the law. The constitution adopted protections for slavery but also denied civil rights to Indians and persons of African origin. Only whites were permitted to purchase land and the entrance of free blacks into the state was prohibited altogether. Local circumstances affected racial definitions in the former Mexican territories. Texas had Punished Mexicans who occupied the same important social positions as whites. The Mexicans emphasized their heritage, hoping to acquire the freedoms that came with for democratic self-government.

Reference from page 474 to 475 in “Give Me Liberty”


  1. How, according to Sharitarish, has “our intercourse with the whites” affected the Indians’ way of life?(New Posted)

Indian lives changed after they came into contact with Europeans. The Indian culture was different and skin color. White people cultivated land and had animals. on the other hand, Indians roved because they did not cultivate or have animals. The Indians took scalps and stole enemy’s horses after triumphing over enemies. Some natives wanted to change Indian’s culture and live like white people.

  1. What is Sharitarish’s aspiration for his people?(New Posted)

Sharitarish had important hopes, and dreams. Sharitarish wanted culture to be kept in Indians.  The Indians made robes, and moccasins with bear fur. This had less value for Americans. Also, heir children could feel the pleasure the deposits of their fathers. Their children could see how their families lived in the past. He hoped that their children followed their lifestyles.



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