3. Describe how president Lincoln’s war aims evolved between 1861 and 1863, changing from simply preserving the Union to also ending slavery.

Lincoln tried to emancipate because he used the emancipation as a political, element and military necessity. He thought that if slaves who have free combine army, army could develop more. Northern people could change mind, which make slavery. The mind help people to have counteracting sentiment. Lincoln said, “Northerners’ racial fears, reviving the ideas of gradual emancipation and colonization. Lincoln had warned the nation. He wanted to end slavery if it were necessary to preserve the union. His goal was about freedom after ending the war and slavery.

8. Compare and contrast women’s efforts in the North and South to support the war effort and their families?

In the north, women helped to support soldiers in the ground. They participated economic establishments and worked in factories. Also, many girls worked in government. They were clerkship all confederacy women hoped their husband did not die in the army. on the other hand, southern women sacrificed and devoted to the cause became legendary. However, some women thought the goal of independence was not important. Southern white women had disaffection. The disaffection contributed to decrease morale of civilian and the army was badly affected by desertions.

  1. Why does Cox feel that emancipating slaves endangers the liberties of white northerners?

Cox helped the war. Cox’s goal restored the Union. Cox did not allow the emancipation for slaves because the emancipation would decrease economy, happen violation and feel defeat to white soldiers. if slaves obtain freedom, white people would feel racist fears. They have to compete to get jobs with slaves.

2. What status does he anticipate for the slaves if they are freed?

Unrestrained black population would bad in the condition of the state. If the free black people have equal or unequal rights from the whites, the equal rights protect black. They could care their lives. It would protect racial discrimination between black and white. Different origin could coexist in the same society with competition from two races.


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